Established in the year 2002, “Drymades Inn” was founded by the
well-known Albanian entrepreneur L. Gjikuria. Having started as a
resort in 2002, it took almost 10 years for the establishment to
turn into the famous “Drymades-Inn” that every year welcomes
more than 2.000 satisfied customers. Situated on the sandy beach of Dhermi, “Drymades Inn” has a lot to offer to every single visitor. From the amazing view from our restaurant, to our outdoor pool, to our relaxing spa, your experience in “Drymades Inn” is sure to be as memorable as it will be
enjoyable. Consisting of 22 wooden cottages, “Drymades Inn” can now
accommodate more than 120 customers in 30 rooms; each of which is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere through specific details such as the positioning, the amount of light entering the room or the colors used in them.

What we aim for everyone, is to make sure they make the most out
of their summer. With us you can spend some quality family time
playing beach volleyball in our court near the sea; swim in the clear blue
waters of the Ionian Sea or our outdoor pool which is perfect for
children as well as adults; or escape from reality in our spa while
your children play in our playground which as safe for children as it is

If you want to have a more extreme and adrenaline-filled
summer, visit our Adventure Point. In our Adventure Point you can take
part in various activities, from water-based activities such as
kayaking, standup paddle boarding or diving, which everyone in the
family can enjoy, to trekking and climbing or paragliding, our adventure point will make sure you enjoy every second of your summer.