What we do

Gaia Events is more than an event management company.

We believe in creating unique moments that inspire.

We facilitate the realization of the desired event by following step by step the full cycle, starting from the creation of the concept or the initial idea, until its implementation and execution.

What makes us different? We listen to you and exceed your expectations.


Have you decided to marry?

We create your special day that will be unforgettable.

Our organization reflects the lifestyle and character of every couple getting married. We work closely with the bride and groom to create meaningful moments, not just for the couple, but also for the guests, the family and their friends.

We use creative elements that allows even the simplest design to give impressions that last in time.


We give you the opportunity to share your company’s work history and culture. Planning an event is the best way to celebrate a company’s success.

If you are going to inaugurate a new business, you’ve been thinking of showing your gratitude to the best employees, company anniversaries, or end-of-year celebrations, we offer you our consulting and experience so that your message is delivered effectively.

Share your goal with us and let professionals take care of the rest.

The execution of each project has basically two main elements: Perseverance and Style

We create events that grow the impact of your brand.


We create events that represents YOU!


We see every event as a white page where a paintbrush is going to blend all the colors and your wishes, combining all the details including invitations, cocktails, music, flowers etc.

We are happy to take care of a birthday party, a celebration for a sweet baby’s reception, or a romantic dinner for two lovers.

We assure you that the guests remain so happy that they are looking forward to the next event!

Luana Vjollca

Mbreme ishte nje enderr !
E gjithe idea dhe organizimi u krijua nga Gaia Travel & Events & Drymades Inn nuk kam fjale per tju falenderuar per mrekulline qe kishit realizuar !



Ju falenderoj perzemersisht per punen e mrekullueshme te realizuar per te shnderruar ambjentin e dasmes time ne nje enderr, madje edhe me e bukur sec kisha enderruar.

Gjithe te mirat!