Located in the midst of the Akrokeraun Mountains and facing
the beautiful Ionian Sea, Dhermi – a village blessed by nature with temperate weather has opened its doors for tourists from all over
the world. A perfect place to escape reality and travel back in
time to admire the unique architecture of the village and
relax in a place surrounded by an amazing blend of natural greenery
of trees and sea. Dhermi is truly a destination worth visiting any time of the year. The village of Dhermi is more than just a touristic destination; it is an experience. As you take a stroll through the streets of Dhermi you will see
different times in which the architectural style of the village, mixed with some modern touches on buildings will be long remembered, locally as well as the famous olive oil of the area, known for its authentic taste and
health benefits. In the village you can also visit numerous cultural and religious sites, such as the various churches built on a village basis, but have been carefully renovated so as not to change the amazing
atmosphere of the churches created in the village.