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“Gaia Travel & Events” is part of “Drymades Inn Resort”, one of the most frequented seaside resorts in Albania, located in the historical village of Dhërmi, a famous tourist attraction in the country. With a 20 years of experience in the field of tourism, “Drymades Inn Resort”, considered the creation of “Gaia Travel & Events” as an opportunity to provide a higher
quality service and a larger array of options to a growing demand for destination weddings and other celebrations and events in the area.
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Your vision.
Our innovation:
Event solutions.

"Last night was a dream!
The whole idea and organization was created by Gaia Events & Drymades Inn I have no words to thank you for the miracle you had realized!
Thank you!".

Luana Vjollca
Luana Vjollca

"Thank you very much for the wonderful work done to turn my wedding setting into a dream, even more beautiful than I had ever dreamed".


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ADRESS: Rr. Ibrahim Rugova, Prane Gardes, PII. KONTAKT, zyrat e ish-Plus